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What in the world is this rash?

Okay about 3-4 days ago i noticed about a quarter size rash just under the top of my pant waistband.It was slightly red and alittle itchy but other then that did not bother me at all.

Now today its about 4 times the size of what it used to be very dark red,very dry feeling and burns when i move.My skin feels like deep ripples and theres white flakey looking skin in the middle of the rash.

Me and my husband were looking at in bed trying to figure out what caused it and could not think of anything or what the rash is so i climbed out of bed and said i was going to come ask you guys

Its alot more red in person so what caused it? any ideas?

I kind of thought maybe it was my laundry soap but i have been using the same laundry soap for at least 8 months.Also i thought if it was a reaction to laundry soap it would not just be in one spot?.I dont have any STDs and neither does my husband so it cant be a STD outbreak of any i am really confused.I planned on maybe going to the walk in clinic if theres no signs of improvement by friday and because my husband thinks its a sign my kidneys are idea where he got that from so i am going to have it looked at here eventually.

Are rashes something that people should normally worry about? i am the type of person that usually ignores things like this and just let my body take care of it..unless i am in pain or things just look infected.
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