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Re: Preschool or not to Preschool - That is the question

If it's a financial stretch, I think it's better to skip it and I send my kids for 3K and 4K. It's more about playing school (walking in line independently, sitting and working on a project, doing activities at the same time, feeling comfortable being guided by another adult who is not a parent,) and activities I wouldn't have the creativity or patience to deal with. (like the really messy ones or ones that involve buying an entire box of X to use two little pieces and then you're left with the rest of the box) And routine.

As a bonus for me, it forces me to maintain a routine that I could otherwise let fall by the wayside as preschool won't just rearrange their schedule because I feel like sleeping late. And I get some time without one kid so I can have one on one with another and/or do some volunteer work. Right now I have kids in 5th, K, and 4K, and I volunteer weekly at all 3 schools and church.

ETA: As a (former) music teacher, I could usually tell the K kids who had had some sort of preschool, those who went to daycare without the school routine, and those who never left Mama's side. By the time they got to 2nd grade I couldn't though.
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