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Originally Posted by Marianna1988
I have a feeling DR will be going out the window, for a bit (not forever). We found out we might be moving to Italy in 3 months I plan on purging A TON of things so that there will be less to pack/unpack. We really need to replace things like our couch, our dishes (we have ONE glass dinner plate right now lol), our pots and pans. So I will probably replace those after we move, just donate the old ones before we move. $$$. And we need to visit our parents before we leave (not visiting is out of the question). Obviously, way more $$$, as we need to fly to CA and FL (we might be able to drive to CA, we'll have to look at costs to see which is best, and also how much time DH can get for leave). And going to Europe (specifically Italy) is my lifelong dream, so we'll definitely need a nice vacation savings fund. I can't live in Europe for 2+ years and not travel! I'm pretty sure at least one trip to Germany and 1 to Greece are in order. Minimum. Lol.

I still have plans to SB after we move, but it will be less intense, I'm sure, since I will have a vacation envelope to contribute to now

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Stockpile your money. We have been bleeding money since we arrived in Thailand in July. And we didn't replace much of anything except a few small appliances because of the difference in volts and bed linens. Estimate what you think you will spend and triple it just to be safe.
Also, start purging your house now especially if you have to pack up everything, 3 months is not long at all to get your affairs in order and there is a lot that needs to be done and planned out, that gets time consuming and costly.
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