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Re: Auditory Processing Problems

My son is 25 months and is suspected to have an Auditory Processing Disorder (though, he's not on the spectrum). He's been in EI since he was 16 months and has made amazing progress, except for his language. He's got fantastic language skills. A lot of words and sentences, however, he's hanging onto echolalia and has a pragmatic delay (has a hard time answering your when you ask him a question).

From what I was told, they won't officially diagnose them until at least 7 because they could outgrow it, and most likely will (I'm not sure how it is with an added spectrum diagnosis, though). However, you can get a pre-diagnosis. I.E. they'll tell you whether or not your child is at risk. This may help you get additional therapy with EI or your local IU if they're above 3.

Like JAC said, keep things visual, as well as short and to the point. My son is strong auditorally. It's insane what he picks up when you think he's not listening. But visual at this age is best too. It helps them to learn faster. Try to make eye contact with them when speaking. I find that when I can get my son to actually not pretend like he's ignoring me and look me in the eye, he's much better at processing.

There's a really great book out there called "It Takes Two to Talk." Pricey, but I know a lot of people who have had success with it.
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