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Re: endometriosis

Minor case here, too. It is not on my reproductive system, but on my bladder. I get UTIs fairly easily and overactive bladder. It also gave me a bacterial infection which gave me a TON of polyps. Had a laparascopy in November 2010 and got pregnant 7 months later, FINALLY, after 7 years trying. We didn't know I had Endo until I switched doctors and he asked me a couple questions no one had asked before. As far as I'm concerned, he's the reason I have a baby so God Bless Him to pieces :-)

Haven't had a pap since my DD's birth so I don't know if it's come back. I thought it might be cause I was getting pains again, so we'll see.

I want to give prayers and wishes to all you ladies with chronic Endo. I couldn't imagine my life without my child and it is just heartbreaking to know there are loving women out there who struggle so much.
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