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Originally Posted by pcjs

That's a huge leap to say circ. alters the brain chemicals/chemistry. The reality is no one knows what causes it and who knows. Personally, I think autism is to broad of a diagnosis and there has to be more to it. I do think some has to do with vac's for some children/families (we vac so I'm not saying this as a scare or to discourage anyone but kids can/do have reactions). I think for others its genetic and for others it could be environmental. We just don't know yet.
I was referring to a few studies that observed the altered chemicals (some permanent if I recall correctly). I can't recall if it was observed before and after, during, or that detail of it though. One is commonly cited on blogs (though it is an actual study, not just blog nonsense, it seems to be the go to for most information gathered) and I /think/ it's on drmomma (ETA: I'm too lazy to look it up honestly, but I think it was on there at one point, among other places)? I wouldn't consider it to be conclusive, far from it actually as the studies just aren't there for it yet. Regardless, I never stated I agree with it or don't. Just simply that I could understand that being a cause for question of whether or not circumcision affects autism in terms of the brain-- as opposed to the strictly superficial aspect of it from a PP. I could understand someone thinking that might be a viable link was my point. But as I said earlier, I interpreted the OP as just one of many girl/boy differences observed.

Personally, I think a lot of chemicals in things we use now just aren't tested in all the ways they interact with us and our environments. I wouldn't be surprised if later on something came out like that as one contributing factor :/

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