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Originally Posted by ~Sherry~

That's what I've read, that it can effect the brain. Though I don't know any girls with autism, and the only boy I know is circ'ed and vax'd (in real life for both). I'm definitely not saying either of those cause it. It was really just a question out of curiosity.

And I don't know if this is the article a PP was referring to-

Eta- there is also this about circ'ing and brain damage-
Hadn't seen the 2nd but the 1st is the one I was referring to that floats around most commonly. That's really the only way I could even /possibly/ see it relating to autism. And even then, I don't know if the parts of the brain affected would have any control over autistic issues. Beyond that (and it's far from conclusive as I said, since there just hasn't been enough study on it; to convince me of circ'ing being the sole cause anyway, and I'm anti-RIC) I wouldn't see the procedure or lack there of having bearing on autism. I do wish there were more breakthroughs on autism it's such a prominent thing now, and it bothers me there isn't more scientific evidence of the causes.

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