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Re: KAL Oct 7-13 *Knit the funk away!*

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn View Post
I thought it was 1.5 too.

I am minus 2 kids today and tonight! My mom took the 2 oldest boys for her first sleepover. Its much more quiet around here!
Enjoy the quiet, mama!

Originally Posted by bumminbeachbabe View Post
no skirty for me. I just found the Christmas yarn I had custom made. I guess I'll start on their sweaters instead.
Oooh, that is fun, too! I have never made a sweater before. Yet!

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches View Post
I helped her. She just couldn't figure out why she needed to measure the front. I explained and she gets it now.
I love this little group of ladies.

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