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Re: Anyone had previous shoulder dystocia & large baby- did you doctor suggest c-sect

Originally Posted by steph410 View Post
I really just want to have another natural birth.
And I just read your baby's weight (my second went from 10.3 to my third son being 12.2 with no gd and perfect sugar for him at birth... they do just in case at that size).

And I totally understand you wanting another natural birth. I wish I could have them too. But sometimes putting aside wants can be what is better for our babies (I've learned this the hard way). Be open to and really discuss this with your doctor. Maybe he has some experiences that would benefit you to know and maybe talking it out will really help you both figure out a plan. Many doctors and midwives have had babies die from lack of oxygen because they were stuck to long, let alone brain damaged and physically damaged. It influences them, as it would anyone.

How long was your lo stuck for? Is this the same doctor who delivered your other baby?

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