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I'm a red head and I've been nursing for 42 months of my life! Ow that makes me hurt thinking about it. But I have easy nursers and I've had hard ones, and I like to think I'm somewhat of an expert. I guess my point is just because it was hard to nurse one child doesn't mean you're doomed to nurse your next. I'd avoid that shield and make sure your baby gets a great latch and it won't hurt.
Agree- but I am not a red head. Also avoid hospital LC- I personally think they are quacks. Mine brought me a shield when my dd was less than a day old instead of helping us with latch because she was 35 weeks and not "big enough". It took us 7 months to get that shield gone! We are going strong at 13 months now.

Read lots of books, articles, etc on breastfeeding now so you go in with as much knowledge as possible. Find LLL groups in your area, even if just to have location/contacts on hand if you need them after new baby arrives.

Set short goals, maybe 2 weeks, then 6 weeks, then 3 months and so on may help.
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