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Re: Immigrant Mamas - how did you adapt in the US?

I am not an immigrant mom, but my husband is. We've been here 3 years and I wouldn't say that he's adjusted. I think it would help if he had people from his country here that he could hang out with. He also has the added difficulty of not speaking English. I lived abroad for a few years and although I felt somewhat adjusted there's nothing like being home.

Probably the hardest thing about living in America is how distant people are and with a "dog-eat-dog" attitude. People cut in line, don't care if you are pregnant or old. No one greets you and asks how your doing. Outside of the big cities, you have to drive to get anywhere so you don't just hang out in a neighborhood square and meet others. Families are separated by large distances and mentally ill people don't have much support from society so you are more likely to have an uncomfortable experience with someone in public. People are just plain lonely and alienated here. But that's just my interpretation being an American who has lived abroad. And of course there are conveniences and positives but that's true of every place.
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