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Re: Imperforated anus and vesicostomy?

Well ladies she had her pull thru on Dec. 10. Although we consider the surgery a success because they were able to create the holes necessary and she came off the table alive. BUT her anomalies were a lot higher up than originally thought, even though she had the MRI, xrays, we are not sure of continency. BUT praise God that He is in control and we know how to pray for her better now. We were also told that her 2 uteruses are half sized uteruses so for now it is not recommended for her to ever have children. BUT who know where medical technology/science will be in 18-20+ years.

She also had her vagiplasty and that went well as well. We are currently doing the anal dialations, and that has been wickedly emotional for me. I raelly really struggle through it all. But its okay because I know it is necessary.

She goes back to the hospital to be scoped to see how she is healing at the end of this month and then we will make the plan for closing down her ostomies at that time.

UFFDA! Lots and lots going on.
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