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Re: What items do you do brand new for each successive baby?

We didn't replace anything. (Beyond the super obvious consumables like toothbrush and breast milk storage bags, etc). DS2 got to reject the same pacifiers that DS1 rejected and he used the same bottles and nipples. If I had twins, I am sure the two of them would be using the same pacifiers and nipples, so I don't see much difference there. We put everything in the dishwasher and it seems to come out reasonably clean. I used the same breast pump - I didn't even replace any tubing (probably should have?). I think the only thing we needed for baby 2 was a double stroller.

Interesting about the crib mattress; I haven't read anything about a used mattress and connection to SIDS. It wouldn't really occur to me to buy a new one unless the first was still in use. We got a decent organic one and good cover with the idea that it would be used by two children.
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