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We avoided surgery with a GJ. We feed through the J and put a tube with a catheter bag attached to drain the G side, which keeps the tummy empty, so there is not anything to reflux up.

We were opposed to a Nissen. We had several friends with major complications from theirs. Plus, DS is from a family of substance abuse addicts. Him being drunk and not being able to vomit later in life was a very real concern to me.

Luckily, our Developmental Ped avoids them at all possible costs. They do the GJ with a drain most of the time instead. You put the j in while kiddo is awake in radiology and it is minimally invasive. DS got his at 18 months and had weaned off the drain while he was awake by 2.5 years old, and while askeep by 3. He only needs it when he is sick now at 3.5 years old.

I would beg your GI/Dev. Ped to do a trial with a J. It is non-invasive to put it in. You go to Radiology, a radiologist does this magic thing of snaking it down into the intestines first with a wire, then with the tube (they use your current G hole, so if it doesn't work, you just pull it out and do a button change just like you would at home).

What formula are you on? DS did great on Elecare, and now in Peptamin Jr.

DS had a major reaction to Reglan. He still has tremors from it.

We are down to 15 mg of Prilosec and no motility aids now.
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