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Originally Posted by z2akids View Post

I am sure their intention was not to turn you off to the church. But, to be upset that they passed out literature when you came to them is a bit hypocritical. Definitely skip them next year if you are upset about the literature. But, don't get upset about them putting their ideas out there when your kids came to them. I understand that your friend took them and not you. But, they don't know that. Get upset with your friend if you want.
You are entitled to your opinion & I am entitled to mine. As I said, I am not upset at the passing out of religious materials. My kids go to our neighborhood church on the corner (6 houses away) & participate in VBS. They have never once came home with some of this trash. I just think it is wrong to pass out information to children with hellfire & brimstone in it, basically telling them they are going to hell for enjoying Halloween. They do make child-friendly tracts.

The main reason I bumped this thread is because there was a mama that was very interested in what type of church would pass out such information. I was very frightened as a young child due to reading the Jack Chick tracts. They are just plain scary.

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