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Re: Do I have a milk blister??

I got these all the time, and they really sucked. Here's what worked for me:

1) Stop using lanolin products on your nipples, if you do.
2) Start taking some Lecithin supplements. It's a natural oil that is like "Teflon for the boobs" (in the words of my LC). It prevents clogged ducts AND clogged nipples. I believe the rec dose was 3-4 1200mg supplements a day, but just 1-2 worked for me.

I echo the PP that you should be careful popping them. You definitely don't want to introduce an infection!! What my LC advised was sterilizing a needle or safety pin with alcohol and using that to pierce it. Go from the side, not straight down. Then pump or nurse immediately, then put Neosporin on. Then just be sure to wipe off the Neosporin before the next time you nurse.

Good luck mama! HTH!
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