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Re: I hate mommy wars just as much as the next guy...

Originally Posted by sadieanne View Post
I walked by a woman at the park on monday and after I past her I heard her say to her 5ish month old screaming baby "you need to shut the fu*# up!!"

I was horrified!

Anybody ever seen the movie "sherrybaby" with Maggie Gylenhal? There's a scene where she's waiting with her daughter to use the restroom and a woman behind her is yelling at her kid and grabbing his arm really hard, and maggie's character grabs the woman by the hair and lays into her, it's awesome and I felt like doing it on monday, but I didn't because then I would probably go to jail and have my own kid taken away.
I've seen this over and over again while I'm at my local WIC office-mom's swearing and hitting their kids, I can't believe they'd do it in a govt. office but it doesn't phase them a bit-I've actually told them to stop before and then they just swear at me sara
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