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Re: parents of autistic children

Originally Posted by BCGamerMom View Post
Hello Ladies
Just wanted to do a little intro, I've been around here for years but never really got into any of the chat threads just FSOT and occasional Q&A.

I've been trying to find a good place online to talk to other ASD parents that might have similar lifestyles and I had a duh! moment when it occurred to me that there was probably a DS forum for parents of special needs kids and so here I am.

I'm Canadian, mom of 3, my 9 year old DS has Dx of SPD (at 3),ADD (at 8), and PDD-NOS(finally in November), my 4 year old DD is NT, and my 2.5 year old DD has just started OT for SPD and we see the pediatrician next week to start the process of getting her in for ASD assessment. I work part time, happily do not home school so I'm dealing with IEP stuff and therapy and a husband that works out of town and trying to retain a babysitter that is brave enough to handle my brood so I can make it to the arena to skate twice a week for roller derby so I don't lose my mind and end up curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth while reciting the theme song from which ever disney movie has been playing on endless loop this week.
we don't use this thread on here much anymore but there are tons of moms in the sn section with asd kiddos. I have a 6 yo ds that is autistic, 8 yo ds I call semi-typical, and 8 yo dsd that is nt. they all go to public school although we still have plenty of work to do at home
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