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Re: parents of autistic children

Originally Posted by BCGamerMom View Post
Hello Ladies
Just wanted to do a little intro, I've been around here for years but never really got into any of the chat threads just FSOT and occasional Q&A.

I've been trying to find a good place online to talk to other ASD parents that might have similar lifestyles and I had a duh! moment when it occurred to me that there was probably a DS forum for parents of special needs kids and so here I am.

I'm Canadian, mom of 3, my 9 year old DS has Dx of SPD (at 3),ADD (at 8), and PDD-NOS(finally in November), my 4 year old DD is NT, and my 2.5 year old DD has just started OT for SPD and we see the pediatrician next week to start the process of getting her in for ASD assessment. I work part time, happily do not home school so I'm dealing with IEP stuff and therapy and a husband that works out of town and trying to retain a babysitter that is brave enough to handle my brood so I can make it to the arena to skate twice a week for roller derby so I don't lose my mind and end up curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth while reciting the theme song from which ever disney movie has been playing on endless loop this week.
I just wanted to say hello to a fellow Roller Derby mama! Actually it is Dh and my youngest kiddo who skate derby, I just hang out with them. So far the guys have been unable to plead enough to get me out there. I told them it is because they don't want to deal with teaching me (I skate just fine but my kids get their SPD from me and I have an inability to judge distance while moving meaning I hit things a lot and it freaks me out). I also reminded them that in the end they would expect me to skate with the girls and I love my guys too much for that. I spose I could always go team zebra and probably will eventually if I can get over that whole "too many things happening at once" thing I have going on.

My oldest is 11 and diagnosed PDD NOS, SPD and Anxiety NOS. I am presently trying to figure out how to juggle a very unsuccessful year of homeschooling (previous years have gone well but he is hitting puberty and it is getting ugly here), OT, ST, social skills group and maybe ABA plus work him in with a new doctor. Meanwhile my youngest is 7 and diagnosed Mood Disorder (bipolar) and ADHD (his doctor says that probably isn't accurate it is probably just his manic phase) and I am trying to work out his medication. I've found that Derby is what keeps Tharen (the little one) level and I would keep him in the rink with the guys all day every day if I could. Heck I would have his guys live with us and teach his home school classes if I could pull it off. He respects them more than he respects anyone else in his life. Unfortunately the rink decided to cut our practices back to one a week and broke his heart. We can practice with the girls but they won't take on the liability of him skating with them so only dh can skate. Dh teaches Taekwondo 4 days a week and our whole family is involved with that but Tharen isn't into it (it was really more for Kearnan). If I miss too many classes I can feel my grip on sanity start to slip. Sometimes it is just easier working with some one else's kids than dealing with my own.
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