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Re: how to prepare my son for major dental work

My 4yo just had a bunch of stuff done. It was split into two appointment as well. At the first appointment he got one tooth pulled, a spacer put in, and one crown. At the second appointment he got two fillings and one root canal and crown. He only had laughing gas. It was totally fine.

During the first procedure he was perfectly content and comfortable watching a movie on the ceiling while the dentist worked. He did everything they asked him to and literally never made a peep. He was groggy and uncomfortable when they took the gas off. I gave him a dose of tylenol and a milkshake and he was perfectly fine and acting normal from then on as soon as the tylenol kicked in. It was really no big deal.

For the second appointment he was happy to go back to the dentist and not worried at all. He cried for the shot of novocain this time. (Poor baby! Not sure why because it didn't bother him the first time.) He also moaned/cried during the procedure and we figured out that in his grogginess the loud noise of the drill was bothering him. Not much we could do about that, but he was not in pain because when the dentist used quiet tools he didn't mind at all. Eventually he just fell asleep (in the middle of the root canal!). When they took him off the gas he was moaning and uncomfortable but again a dose of tylenol and a milkshake and all was perfectly fine. He loved watching the movies while the dentist worked and he loved picking a cool toy from the prize bin. When I ask him now about it he says that it was great. I wouldn't worry too much. He really wants to go back so he can pick another prize. Haha!
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