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I love the look of wool, especially knitted wool but discovered that I don’t really like using wool so almost my entire wool stash is up for sale. Many of these are still new and the rest are lightly used and in excellent shape. It’s all clean but will need to be lanolized (although I often successfully used wool even without lanolizing). I’m guessing at sizing so I provided actual measurments.

I am open to trades, my ISO is listed at the bottom.

$12ppd - Medium (size 9-18 months) blue recycled longies, so soft!!. Made using a modified version of the Katrina pants pattern. I usually label my recycled items on the inside of the waistband, but these were accidentally labeled on the outside (as shown in the picture). Pictured on my baby girl who currently wears size 9 -12 months - you can see that they are a bit big but they would work on her. They are a navy color, hard to get the color to show up just right in pictures.
Waist = 16 inches
Hips = 20 inches
Rise = 19 inches
Inseam = 8.25 inches

$8ppd - Large black recycled soaker – We used these at night over my son’s nighttime fitted diapers. We used them unlanolized and never had a leak. Measurements are unstretched.
Waist = 19”
Hips = 21”
Rise = 19”
Thigh = 11”

$8ppd - Large green recycled soaker – these were my favorite and most used soaker, they are slightly thicker than the black pair listed above, we used these unlanolized and never had a leak. There is some staining on the front and inside that might wash out (I was never terribly comfortable with wool so don’t really know how to get stains out of it). Measurements are unstretched.
Waist = 19”
Hips = 21”
Rise = 20”
Thigh = 11”

Please take a look at my other listings to see everything I have up for sale:
Fitted Diapers
Diaper Covers
Pocket Diapers
AIOs, AI2s, and AI3s
Wool - wraps, soakers, longies, and sets
Diaper Accessories - wetbags and pail liners
Baby Carriers – mei tai, newborn wrap, ring slings, pouches
Nursing cover & Nursing bracelet

Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories on CD
- All About Christmas
- All About Angels
- All About Miracles
- All About Helping Others
- All About Fear
- All About Salvation

- PUL (Prefer diaper cuts or scraps, but must be at least 15" x 10" with the stretch across the narrow side) - girly prints or solids (brown, lavender)
- FOE (I need the good stuff that won't look bad after a few washes) - prefer solids (white, brown, pink, lavender) but would consider prints
- inner fabrics for trainers (I need it to feel wet; no fleece) - cotton velour, bamboo velour, etc.; prefer girly solids but will consider others; at least 15"x10" with the stretch across the narrow side).
- disposable diapers size 3 - Huggies, Luvs, Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers (trade value $0.14 each)
- disposable training pants size 2-3T for boy (trade value $0.20 each)
- thick baby girl tights (size 12-18mo. or 12-24mo) (trade value $1 each plus shipping)
- little girl bloomers or bike shorts (size 12mo. - 2T) (trade value $1 each plus shipping)

$16ppd - Baby BeeHinds 100% wool wrap, size medium (15-24 lbs), natural color, elasticized legs and back for a great fit, double layer in the wet zone. Machine washable on cold. Strong aplix, elastic perfect, only worn a couple times, faint staining / discoloration on leg binding (pictured). SOLD

$10ppd Sweetie Bug pastel green interlock longies (shorties?), size medium, made from the Mile High Monkeys pattern, color most accurate in the second picture, stains/discolorations (pictured) that might wash out (I never became very comfortable with wool so I don’t know how to get stains out). Very soft, the only interlock I’ve ever owned, but it feels nice and thick with wonderful drape. Measurements are unstretched. SOLD
Waist = 18”
Hips = 22”
Rise = 20”
Thigh = 14”
Inseam = 6 ¾”

$22ppd - Small (aprox. 3-6 month) brown,blue,yellow longies. Purewool, Sandano colorway, single ply. I will include a NB size Carters shirt in matching colors (the shirt is gently used, picture coming). These are made using my own pattern with a nice wide gusset and short rows in the back. The color is a bit more vibrant than the picture shows. Pictured on my 4 month old son (weighing about 15 lbs.) Measurements unstretched. SOLD
Hips = 18 inches
Rise = 15 inches
Inseam = 6 ½ inches

$18ppd - Small (aprox. 3-6 months) dark green longies, Purewool, single ply - so soft! These are made using my own pattern with a nice wide gusset and short rows in the back. Color is most accurate in the second picture. Pictured on my 5 week old son (about 9 lbs.) - I rolled the cuff twice to fit his tiny legs. Measurements are unstretched. SOLD
Hips = 16 inches
Rise = 15 inches
Inseam = 6 ½ inches

$18ppd - Small (aprox. 3-6 months) blue/navy longies, Purewool, single ply - so soft! These are made using my own pattern with a nice wide gusset and short rows in the back. They are a little darker than the picture shows, more of a navy color. Measurements are unstretched. SOLD
Waist = 14 inches
Hips = 16 inches
Rise = 15 inches
Inseam = 6 ½ inches

$14ppd - Large blue recycled longies (I labeled them a size Large – they fit my son like a 2T). These are so soft!!! Made using a pattern I modified from the Katrina pants pattern. SOLD
Waist = 18 inches
Hips = 21 inches
Rise = 21 inches
Inseam = 12 inches

NB red recycled longies The wool is a bit more felted than I usually like, so it doesn’t have as much stretch. SOLD
Waist = 15 inches
Hips = 15 inches
Rise = 12 inches
Inseam = 7 inches

$25ppd - NB (NB / 0-3 month) girly knit longies. These were made using a local yarn. I used my own pattern and a modified version of the linen stitch to preserve the stretchiness. These were a real challenge to make with a wide gusset and short rows in the back but I’m very happy with how they turned out. I made these while I was pregnant with my second son and then packed them away. I forgot about them again until my daughter was 4 months old and 12 pounds. I brought them out and they fit her, but she only wore them once and pretty much just long enough for me to take a picture of them. I was tempted to keep them as a newborn memory item, but she never really used them so I’m hoping they’ll work for another little girl. Also included is a new pink long-sleeve shirt (size 0-3 months) from The Children’s Place that matches beautifully (I did remove the tags from the shirt and wash it in preparation for the baby but it was never worn). SOLD
Hips = 16 inches
Rise = 14 inches
Inseam = 5 ½ inches

$28ppd - Small / Medium Fall colored longies w/ matching wool sweater – made from Purewool in the Festival colorway and a cream-colored 100% wool yarn that I found locally – this was made my me for my son to wear for his first Thanksgiving (it’s really hard to know how big baby is going to be at a certain date, especially before he is even born), but he was too tiny to wear it that first Thanksgiving and only briefly wore it for his second. Basically this is almost new, in excellent shape, no pilling. Made using my own variation of several longies patterns, it has a nice wide gusset and fits great over even bulky cloth diapers. The matching sweater was also barely worn, buttons up the front, and is made is a slightly boyish style. (I estimate that this fits like a 6-9 months size, could fit 3-6 month by rolling up the cuffs - pictured on my daughter who wears size 12 month and it is just a bit too small for her) SOLD
Longies measure (unstretched):
Hips = 18”
Rise = 15 ½”
Legs = 10”
Inseam = 8”

Traded $22ppd - NEW Medium (aprox. 9-12 months) navy blue bulky longies, made from Wool of the Andes yarn from KnitPicks. Knit using the Noodle Pants pattern. I made a hat to go with the pants. Pictured on my 20 lb, 18 month old daughter who currently wears size 9-12 months with a head circumfrence of 18.75". Measurements are unstretched.
Hips = 17 inches
Rise = 16 inches
Inseam = 8 inches

Jodi - SAHM to Amanda (2/96) - Zachary (9/07) - Tyler (11/09)
and our little princess: Eliana (April 2012)

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