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Re: Time out/GD questions and advice needed

I think some kids are just more sensitive. Ds2 was/is high-needs. He is exactly like that as far as the crying when I even just move my arm. If we're sitting on the couch and I get up to go to the bathroom, he cries. If I stand up just to adjust my pants because they started riding up, he cries. If he asks me to get him a drink and I get up and go to the kitchen, he cries because I left him.

I think in some instances, some children might use this tactic as a means of manipulation. I feel like I can tell the differences between his cries. I don't know what to tell you as far as Whilder goes. All I can say is how my son is....and that I think all kids are diff. One child doing the same thing might mean something totally different.

For ds, if it's minor fussing - I'll let him know that I'm coming back, etc. If I feel it appropriate, I'll give him a hug and tell him what I'm doing, etc. If he's all-out freaking (usually crying and flailing and trying to latch on to me - not in the breastfeeding sense), I'll use a firm tone and let him know what I'm doing and that I'll be right back but he doesn't need to act that way.
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