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Re: Every poop is green

Some babies only have allergies/sensitivity to dairy, but...many have combo allergies. You just have to experiment. We had no issue w/soy (not a huge fan so don't have it often anyway), but many los w/dairy allergies also have issues w/soy. Personally, I wouldn't immediately substitute something you've not had much of (soy, almond milk...) until you see the symptoms go away. That way you can see right away when you introduce a new ingredient if it causes a reaction in your lo. We had been doing really well for quite a while, when I discovered spelt. Well, I didn't research its gluten content before using it. I used it about 3 or 4 times in one week & suddenly my lo was having poop & rash issues. At that point it wasn't hard to figure out that it was the spelt b/c it was the only new ingredient I'd introduced. The hardest is the 1st couple of months, narrowing down what causes them problems. Once you get it figured out, it's not nearly as difficult.
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