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Is this possible?

A friend just found out she's PG. This will be her third baby. She stopped nursing after only a week with one of her older sons because his ped. told her he had breastfeeding induced jaundice??

He was jaundiced when he went home from the hospital, and they just told her sunshine etc. would help. She took him back the next week and he was still just as jaundiced as before, and they said it was because of her BM. They had her completely stop nursing and start giving formula exclusively. They didn't even want her to pump because they said it was her BM that was causing the jaundice. She was told to do that for a week. Well his jaundice went away, but after a full week of not nursing, he didn't want anything to do with it, and her milk had started to dry up.

I personally have never heard of anything like that in my life. I've always thought if a baby was jaundiced you nursed MORE, not less...I'm just questioning whether or not her ped. gave her whacky information. I'd love for her to have a successful BFing relationship with her baby on the way, and I want to provide her with good info.
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