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Re: Is this possible?

All of my 4 kids have had some degree of jaundice. My youngest son was in the NICU, not directly b/c of the jaundice, but b/c of his Hirschsprung's Disease (which probably made the jaundice worse.) His jaundice was serious enough that he had to be on the bili blanket and under the bili lights. But, he needed that because he was not able to eat for part of the time b/c of his other medical issues. When he was able to eat, he had nothing but EBM, never did they suggest that he needed formula instead of EBM.

After being in the NICU for almost 5 weeks, where they only wanted him to have EBM in bottles, I had a tough time getting him to the breast. But, I stopped bottles completely and supplemented at the breast and pumped after feedings to get him back nursing, and it worked. Months later when a bottle was offered, he didn't want it and never took one again. Babies are creatures of habit in a lot of ways.

I think that was bad advice and I suggest your friend do her research in advance (especially if she has the same pediatrician.)
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