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Re: Can I get a clarification on spam?

Originally Posted by altuttle View Post
If it was brought to your attention by a mod you can always ask them for the exact spam. You are allowed to say that you have such and such thing in your store if it is asked specifically for spam for said item.
Thanks for the response. It wasn't by a mod, but by another retailer. I'm wondering more about not if someone is specifically saying "who has x?", but more like "has anyone tried x diaper?" and I reply with "yes, we have used them and love them...blah blah blah...", but then mention that we carry them or just stocked them today, or that customers have x to say about it. That's more the part that I'm unsure about. I didn't think twice about that being considered spam since they are asking for info, but that's that only thing I can think of.
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