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Re: Oldest dd and anger

Well, keep in mind that feeling just ARE its what we do with them that can be learned and/or controlled. I say that you are doing a great job in that your dd not only recognizes her feelings, she's willing to talk to you about them. So, just keep the conversation open and continually let her know that being upset (angry, jealous, etc.) is an emotional reaction that can't necessarily be controlled HOWEVER tearing up at another person or pouting or temper tatrum as a result of those feeling is NOT acceptable and help her develop other means of dealing with her feelings. Tweens/teens are hard to raise and keeping communications flowing now will help in the future too. As to her not liking to hand things down, I'd implement a one in/one out rule. If you pick her up something new, it stays in 'your' posession until she has picked a like item out to hand down to a younger sister (so if a new shirt is purchase then she has to pick an old shirt out to hand down). I'd do this with all the girls who are old enough to participate.
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