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Re: Oldest dd and anger

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
I think that is a wonderful idea!

Mama I know tweens/teens are hard , I'm not looking forward to that age with my own children . Maybe she could do extra chores and earn her own money and then she can buy herself something new to wear that she will not have to pass down?
Some of her clothes come from her dad, which is a different dad than my other dd's. So she may feel like NO! Those are from MY dad! sort of thing on those. But she does it with everything. Things he buys, things I buy, anything. And her dad is really great in the aspect that he fully expects her clothes to be passed down and if he gets her say a board game or something of that sort, he tells her to share with her sisters. Now, the ipod touch she got for christmas, she doesn't have to share that.

She does buy clothes with her own money too. Well, at least recently because she had bday/christmas money. Those don't not fit yet, so havent had to pass them down. That might be a good idea. Things she buys with her own money she doesn't have to pass down. I can offer to sell them on ebay for her when the time comes and she can keep the money. I bet she'd love that idea! (we're big into ebay here lol).
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