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Re: advice for getting a picky kid to eat

My son is a restrictive eater. He will only eat certain brands of foods and certain foods. It is nearly impossible to feed him. We allow him to eat what he wants as he will gag or starve himself. We do not want to go the G tube road if possible. I completely understand how hard this can be.

My son has been and will continue to get therapy for this. I would call your pedi and have him evaluated. See if you can get into a behavioral therapist. You might qualify for Chapter 65 services in the home that can be set up around meal times. THat is what we did.

First we had him tolerate the new food on the plate in front of him. THen we had him lick the new food a week later or when he stopped complaining about it on the plate. Once he would lick it without freaking out, we had him bite the food and spit it back out. Once he was no longer gagging or freaking out we moved to chewing the food, then swallowing. It is a long process, but worth it.
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