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Trouble Pumping in the Middle of the Night

I have a similar thread with other questions related to my difficulties pumping enough for dd's daycare bottles,

BUT...I have one specific BIG problem that will certainly bring an end to my being able to provide enough breast milk if I don't come up with a solution quickly-

I have trouble with letdown when I pump in the middle of the night. I don't have trouble any other time of the day (though I have noticed that the sensation is not as strong as it used to be). And this has only been a problem in the past couple of weeks. I have tried pumping both in her room and also holding and smelling her clothing, but nothing works. Has this ever happened to any of you pumping moms out there? Do you have any suggestions or even reasons why this might be happening. I mean I've been stressed out a bit lately b/c of all this, but if there is a time of day when I'm relaxed, it's most certainly 2-3 a.m......I'm just about comatose for Pete's sake!
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