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Re: Engorgement relief and possible EPing

Originally Posted by JustSomeChickVee View Post
i guess I kind of feel like it's my fault. I planned a natural birth in a birth center and ended up in a hospital on Pitocin and go the epidural (no offense to any other mamas, this just wasn't what I wanted or planned for us.) My son came out tired and disoriented and didn't latch on, and the hospital staff took him away too quickly and for some reason I didn't see him for another 3 hours...
Ugh... I just got to your last post and I am sorry to hear that you're having a rough day. Hold onto that success and be patient with yourself. It will happen. It will.

I'm sorry that your birth didn't go as planned, either. And it sounds like the hospital you were at wasn't super supportive of Mother/Baby bonding and the Baby Friendly Initiatives... that is so sad. That is not your fault, though, mama. That is their fault and they need to do better. You had just had a baby and it sounds like it was a lot different than you were expecting which probably threw you for a loop (it would do that to anyone!) and then you must have been exhausted once it was all said and done. You were in no position to fight it all. You sound like one terrific Mama with such good intentions - you are doing the best things for your baby and you can't beat yourself up about what could have been.

Try to just enjoy your sweet baby, keep positive and keep trying to nurse. Stay in close contact with your good LC that is helping so much and pretty soon, you'll be running with it! I have seen so many Mamas in your similar situation who were able to get to exclusively breastfeeding. Don't give up! Hang in there! We're rooting for you!
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