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Question Those who use bleach in every wash

How many rinses does it take to get the bleach smell out???

Okay, so I love my routine and it works. Prerinse-hot wash/warm rinse - extra rinse. I'm using All F&C right now, no problems. I love the simplicity of my wash, and frankly I don't really need the extra rinse at the end, I use that to add ecover to my prefolds. Today I decided to use some bleach since I've noticed that the EBF poopy dipes have been the pail Anywho, normal wash gets them clean but I figured a little bleach couldn't hurt, and since it's like 100+ degrees here there's probably extra bacteria in the pail. I added only 1/4c of bleach and after 2 extra rinses I could still smell bleach.

I don't normally use bleach because 1)I hate it and it gives me headaches 2) it won't rinse out easily. Our water is chlorinated, (but I've had worse if you kwim) would this matter? Oh, and my washer is a normal TL, a large load, so plenty of water.
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