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Re: boobs, beds, and babies

Originally Posted by lovewool View Post
I started a new routine with my first around that same age, around 18 months. I couldn't handle the newborn waking habits for nursing all night anymore. I needed some "me" time at the end of the night as well. So I started working towards night weaning him. First step was to stop allowing him to nurse to sleep at night. Easiest way to do it was to build a new routine. I let him nurse until I knew he had a good amount, then told him "milkies are going to sleep, no more milkies, milkies go bye-bye." LOL. And then we started a new routine of laying on the pillow together and me singing to him until he fell asleep. Once he accepted that, I worked on the night time nursing. I would prepare him for what to expect before he fell asleep by saying milkies were going to sleep until it was light outside in the morning. When he woke to nurse and started crying, we would repeat the laying on the pillow and singing songs bit for a while - it was in a pain in the butt to wake up to sing to him for a few days but it didn't last long.
I'm doing something like this. I started with LO in his own bed (queen size, so that I can lay down with him), when he fell asleep I'd leave and go to my bed. The next step was to only nurse once on each side (no switching sides over and over until he finally falls asleep) and when he pops off, that's it. Then I moved to nursing once on each side and popping him off when I think he's pretty much done (fluttery tongue, sleepy), a la The No Cry Sleep Solution (which I also recommend, BTW). Last night, I decided to implement a (roughly) 8 hr no-nurse window (a la Jay Gordon, I think). Which meant that when he woke up 4 hrs after I got him to sleep, I took him to the potty and then we just layed back down, no nursing, just the normal after-nursing routine. He cried a little (less than a minute) and then went to sleep. I think because he has gotten used to falling asleep without nursing, it wasn't a difficult thing for him to just skip the nursing altogether. The next time he woke up, it was almost the end of the 8-hr window, so I went ahead and let him nurse.

Singing to sleep was very helpful for us in the beginning, too. I also use a certain phrase to signal that it's time to sleep, and we introduced a lovey (I think both of these ideas are in the No Cry Sleep Solution).

I really recommend The No Cry Sleep Solution, I wish I had read it when he was younger. I borrowed a copy from our library (I think it was through interlibrary loan), so it didn't cost me anything.
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