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Originally Posted by MamaMuffin
I'm having a kind of rough time... I see I'm not alone among Summer 2014 mamas. My autistic six-year-old has been a behavioral nightmare lately and I've broken down several times over the fear that I can't possibly raise another child and that I'm doing a bad job with the one I've already got. I've also got terrible, terrible, terrible heartburn and the meds I'm taking are just barely taking the edge off it enough that I can sleep. I don't want my son to be a premie but I have no idea how I'm going to make it another three months.
My kids aren't even on the spectrum and I feel that way most days. I just sat down and had a good cry today because they have been so off the wall with their behavior. It's been terrible.
I also have extreme heartburn & gallbladder pain. I've had gallbladder issues with all my pregnancies. It never acts up when I'm not pregnant. Hurts no matter how I stand/sit/lay.
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