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Originally Posted by escapethevillage
I'm no help. But, it sounds fun! I was watching an episode of House Hunters international, and they were looking for a home in Germany. The school was below one of the homes they were looking at, and you could see the kids playing. The agent said "Kids take a two hour lunch and most go home, so you won't hear too much noise.

Then at the end, the family said they love being so close to the school, because the kids have the full two hours to play and relax before she goes back for the afternoon. (she looked to be about four or five)

I thought it looked wonderful. The kids they showed in the school yard and out playing in the street seemed very happy. But, that could just be editing. I really like learning this stuff about other countries.

Heck, I just found out a few years ago that in Canada you buy milk in bags.
Just to clarify, you CAN buy milk in bags. Most people don't

Or at least, no one I know does. It may be more popular in other provinces.
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