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As long as he hasn't made an appt for the big V, don't worry yet. My hubs was so against another baby. I lost a pregnancy in '09 & '10. He knew I desperately wanted a daughter so he held off getting fixed. After I lost the baby in '10 he said he was done D.O.N.E. For realz. He said he as getting a vasectomy then didn't. He did however insist we abstain. For 6 months we barely touched. He slept in the guest room. One night he decided he needed it. He was too lazy to find a condom. I got pregnant that night. I never got my daughter (I got a tubal after Ds3 was born) but I did get my final rainbow baby & my hubs is madly in love with him.

My point is just relax. You still have time to sway him, but don't mention it for a bit. Good luck.

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