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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

I'm 3 weeks PP today from my 2nd C-section. I really am not ready for other people still, not that it stops anyone. We thankfully only had a few visitors at the hospital on the 2nd day (gave birth Sunday at 3:21am... they came in the afternoon Monday). We came home on Tuesday. After the fancy pain meds stopped I was only getting Tylenol 3's for pain every 3 hours. Once home I only had extra strength tylenol and ibuprofen every 4 hours. I'm still quite sore. I had a fainting incident in the shower at the hospital and am still quite anemic. Every day at dinner time I get REALLY tired and literally can't do anything other than lay down for an hour or two until I feel well enough to sit up without the room spinning.

Unfortunately DD1's 3rd birthday was this weekend, and we had another b-day party yesterday, and DH's parents came to stay for 5 days this past week. Having a new baby (no matter how many you have had previously) is hard work, and you need to take time for yourself to get into the baby groove. You need as much rest as possible, and as few people as possible around you wanting to hold baby and take away from your time together. Thankfully DH didn't let anyone else hold our babies until I had a chance to hold them first. Just thinking of that makes me love him more every day

Don't worry about offending anyone, you and the baby are the important people and the only one's whose opinions matter. Take care and good luck
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