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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

I know this is an old thread, but since it was bumped up others may still be reading and wondering themselves.

A note I want to make is that not all hospitals take you to a recovery room after a c-section. When mine was completed, I was wheeled straight from the OR back to what would have been the L&D room (though we were on the high risk floor due to HELLP). Some of my family was already in the room! It was ok at the time but I already told DH that that will NOT happen this time. I totally understand family wants to meet the baby, but I can't even remember (I was on a lot of meds and mag for the HELLP) if I got to hold him first before the family started passing him around for photo ops. So this time, if a c-section happens, we get baby first for awhile and then we'll start slowly allowing people to visit for a little while. What was also very frustrating and will not repeat itself is that DH is a police officer so his friends are awake all hrs of the night, and because they were cops in uniform, they were allowed to visit at all hours! DH just told them they could visit "whenever." So four four days, between the hospital staff, DS, and all the friends/family, I was just beyond exhausted - it was truely ridiculous.

So all that to sum up me suggesting - call them when you are ready, but give them a heads up as to the approximate time or prepare them that they'll be waiting in the waiting room for awhile while you and baby and DH bond and relax and the nurses can do what they need to do. I had a lot of trouble nursing, no latch, etc and I was frankly sick of people parading in and out of the room while I was trying to nurse DS.
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