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Re: Charting is driving me crazy!

Originally Posted by tedcgh View Post
Isn't that how we are we try to back off a little and then we over do it the other direction?

Ugh, I just wish I knew if I ovulated or not. This is crazy. I mostly want to know of I should expect AF to show while I am on vacation or not. My chart is so bizarre. When I read about temping I saw all of those pretty charts that convinced me that this will work. Well I am beginning to think it is not worth the effort.

Anyone want else want to submit their chart???
I would if I had one! I gave up with out even knowing it

Originally Posted by photocat View Post
Ok, more chart silliness!

FF has changed my O date 3 times, what's with that? Seems every time I log on it changes.

First, ff set my O date as being the cd 13, next day changed that to cd 14, next day to 13th again and today back to 14th. I had a big dip which Ff originally set as O (cd13) then a rise almost to the coverline which ff is now saying is O (cd 14).
I've had another dip below coverline which was at 4/5dpo, depending on which O date.

My chart is still looking like a mountain range

Chart link at the end of my siggy if ya wanna take a gander.
Its like FF just likes to mess with you but don't worry... just get a few months under your belt and see if it streamlines a bit... or it shows that something is a little out of wack- stress can do that... it doesn't mean anything yet!!!

Originally Posted by tedcgh View Post

I finally had a clear temp spike so I think I finally O'd this time. I think I had a 10 day period and then 3 weeks of green "fertile" squares on my FF calendar.
that's a new one on me- haven't seen that... consider it a win to get through a whole chart and do it a few more times and see if they look similar
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