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Re: How to convince dh to have another???

DH was in the "no more" camp too. I have gotten pregnant really easy in the past and we use condoms as BC because I can't take hormones. Our youngest is 2 and every month was an emotional roller coaster of wanting to be pregnant knowing there was a slight possibility (TMI: we never use a condom the entire time) and then being crushed when AF would arrive. I got really upset with him one night because he was determined to have no more but hadn't scheduled a "V" yet. I basically told him it was like dangling me on a string and he either had to go get the "V" and be done or decide that we could have one more. He finally confessed to me that he was afraid to get the "V" done. I told him that if we could have one more that I would get my tubes tied so he didn't have to get the "V". We decided that he would think about it and I wouldn't bring up another baby for 3months. This was in Oct.

FFwd to Jan. 2 and I brought it up again. He tried to blow me off and say he wasn't ready yet and I got mad again, once again dangling me on a string. We discussed: I don't need him to TTC right now, I just want him to say it's something we can do in the future. His company has routinely taken us on a big trip every other year and next Feb. is our year to go. They have always announced in March if there will be a trip or not. I don't want to have a NB or be too pregnant to go on the trip. DH has agreed to wait until April. If there is a trip we will wait to TTC Fall 2013 so I will be under 28weeks when we go on vacay and if the trip is someplace I don't want to be pregnant at we will wait to TTC until the trip. I'm perfectly great with that and am hoping he doesn't back out.
If there's no trip we could be TTC this spring
Regardless I'm just glad he's not scheduled the "V" and that he's talking TTC with me, vast improvement.
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