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Re: WWYD? re: MIL babysitting

My MIL had a stroke 20 years ago and is really over weight. She can't use the left side of her body very well and her left arm has no strength at all. She has wanted to baby sit since DD was born. She used to get really mean about it. But after watching her almost drop our babies several times while holding them with one arm. Then everytime yelling at us to leave her alone that she can handle holding them. We pretty much don't even let her hold our babies without our help let alone baby sit. She watches her nephew a lot and one time we went over there. The Little boy was 2 at the time. She sat him on the sink counter, filled the sink up with water and then walked away. He was sitting by a sink full of water and like 5 feet off the ground. I said MIL shouldn't we get the LO. She said ahh no Barb he'll be fine.

Do what you feel is right and what you are comfortable with mama!!!! If you don't feel comfortable with it then just nicely say I don't want to leave him yet. Maybe when he's 40 Tell DH to support you! Or atleast he better Just my
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