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Re: WWYD? re: MIL babysitting

Originally Posted by frainfam View Post
I'm going to play devil's advocate here. It seems like your MIL wants to spend time with your son. He will never get used to her if he doesn't spend much time around her, kwim? I had the same issue with my MIL, and in my case, I was being really selfish. Your MIL loves your DS, and is probably confused and hurt that you won't let her spend time with him when YOU aren't there. Grandma's are meant to spoil their grandchildren. If she gives him junk food, it will not kill him. If he misses a nap, he will not die. Just make sure she knows what foods could actually hurt him, like peanut butter, and to please not give him any. If your baby wakes up and cries, or gets super upset while you're gone, then I'm sure your MIL will call you to come back.

I just really think you need to let it go, mama.
I agree. It's awesome when grandparents want to be involved in their grandkids lives. Yes, we all have issues with the ILs, but let the little things slide. Your son will be better off having 10 people around him who love him, rather than just 2 (example). The more people that love him and want to spend time with him, the better!
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