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Re: anyone else with a failed VBAC?

I'm so sorry. I struggle with this a lot, too.

My first was a failed induction at 41 weeks. I walked into the hospital at 3 cm and 75% effaced. After 18 hours of pitocin (and many heart decels) I only made it to a 5. DD was born by c-section.

With my DS, I had 4.5 weeks of constant, every 4 minute contractions. I lost my plug twice. I had bloody show (and every other sign of early labor) at 38 weeks. I was convinced I could do it and have my VBAC. Well, 2.5 weeks after my bloody show, I was still pregnant. Still at 3cm and 75 %. I gave up and had another c-section at 40 weeks 3 days. I couldn't take the constant contractions that did nothing anymore. Why doesn't my body work? I am so beaten up about this and I feel like I'm a failure, too.

I did bond very well with both my babies. i was nursing them with ease in recovery and my healing has been great. I just wish they came out vaginally! I'm scared to death of having another c-section, but I want another baby. At least one more. I don't know that I can set myself up for failure again and attempt a VBA2C.
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