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I can't even begin to describe how THE SAME I feel as you. OP, I could have written that post myself. My SIL even had a baby last week and had the same experience your friend did. she dilated to 6cm on her own, got an epi, and pushed her kid out in 10 minutes.
I tried vbac with my 2nd, never went into labor.
the 3rd baby I tried vba2c and labored for 5 days and pushed for 6 hrs, baby (10 lbs and posterior with a crooked head) wouldn't fit in the birth canal.

Can't even describe how frustrating it is, how "un-woman" I feel not being able to birth my own kids. Seems like you do though, but to the rest of the world who seem to easily birth their babies, its tough because they do not understand and I end up feeling very isolated.

I am actually trying for vba3c this month! Just have to try labor and see what happens. Having 2 cesarean births doesn't mean you have to be done having kids. ACOG actually recommends trial of labor/vbac birth for women who have had 1 or 2 cesareans.

((Hugs)) I know it sucks but you are so not alone....I understand and would love to converse further if you want to, just pm me.
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