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Originally Posted by Christylkeller View Post
Unisom + 50 mg of B6 before bed! It was a wonder drug! I always end up with HG, but this time I was able to keep it under better control. I took Unisom + B6 at bedtime, which gave me relief through the night and into the mid morning. Then I took 4mg of zofran mid morning and mid afternoon. And since I get severe reflux while pregnant, I chewed papaya enzymes and took zantac 150. Also, eat whatever sounds good. Don't worry too much about nutrition this early on. The baby will take from your reserves and you have plenty of time to pack in the nutrients. Right now, it is about SURVIVAL!!

Hope you feel better soon!
Thank you. Gotta see if I can take unisom with other meds I take.
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