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Originally Posted by chloecat
i only use shampoo 1 to 2 times a month. i shower daily but only get my hair wet about every 3rd day. when i get it wet i scrub it around in the hot water and i use garnier fructis conditioner on it. just a smidge and i scrub the conditioner into my hair like most people do with shampoo. it works really well for me. people always comment on how beautiful and soft my hair is!

fwiw, i have very thick curly almost ethnic type hair. think foxy brown curls

I was wondering if people still use conditioner while going no poo. I have only heard about people using ACV rinses, but I am unsure if my hair would think that's enough. My hair sounds similar to yours in that it's very thick and wavy with a tendency to frizz. I want to try no poo or at least less frequent shampoos, but I plan to do it in phases. I am not convinced about using ACV, tho. My hair doesn't dry well naturally (it would take hours, and just be a fuzz ball), and it takes waaayy too long to blow dry. I am afraid that my wet hair would just smell like vinegar all day
What do people add to Apple Cider Vinegar rinses to eliminate the vinegar smell, or what are other conditioner options that are natural and inexpensive?

Also, to make my hair wavy without frizz now I use a Pantene mousse. It works great on my hair, but I am wondering what I should use if I start going no poo? Do people with curly hair use styling products?
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