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Re: Venting - carseats and the school drop-off line

Once we are inside the parking lot, I do let them unbuckle & grab their backpacks. And DD always leans up for a quick hug and kiss. At that point, we only inch along so I'm okay with it.

Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
I had a friend that got into a bad accident after her dog jumped into the front of the car and landed on the gas pedal - it was a big dog too. My friend was lucky she ended up in a ditch instead of crashing into another car. I cringe now any time I see a dog loose in the car.
I used to (many years ago) have a little dog who rode loose. (Sometimes in my lap. ) Until one day, she saw a squirrel* in a yard we were passing, on the passenger side, and tried to leap right out of the car. Luckily the window was closed, so she just crashed into the window. Then she turned and tried to jump over me out the open driver's window. I got her a car harness before she rode again.

*"SQUIRREL!" Hehe, you know, like from Up
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