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SOLD - Please delete BumGenius Elementals, Imagine Bamboo AIO

All diapers have been washed in Planet, hung to dry and fluffed in the dryer. We are a dog friendly home but I do my best to inspect each diaper before sending. I have done my best to depict the condition of each diaper - please PM me if you would like additional pictures.


Top Row:
White organics (aplix closure) - just replaced velcro, no stains or holes - $19ppd $17.50ppd

White BGE - some staining (which hasn't been sunned), no holes, but lining is thinning SOLD

Yellow Imagine Bamboo AIO - old style, no staining but looks like a bleach spot (but we don't use bleach, so maybe just fading) SOLD

Bottom Row:
First BGE in Ribbit - some shadow stains, no holes - SOLD

Second BGE in Ribbit - some shadow stains, small hole through first layer around leg - $18ppd $16ppd


Third BGE in Ribbit - most used condition, holes where soaker attaches to diaper (in 2 places), 1st layer holes around legs - $SOLD


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