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Originally Posted by rbrite1
Hi there, I'm new to cloth diapers/woolies in particular - what size child do you think the XL will fit? I have a 2-year-old who's about 25 pounds and fairly lean. Thanks! (and sorry - I can't PM because I'm not active enough on the boards!)
Hi! I would say it should definitely fit but with wool it's best to measure. I will measure the soaker for you and post the measuremts here. You should also measure your child (with a fitted on, or whatever diaper she/he will b wearing under the soaker, and compare.
You measure the waist, the crotch, the inseam, the thigh circumference. Sometimes people also measure the hip circumference but it's no as important since that area stretches a lot.
I will measure for you today and post here!

My LO wore that soaker when she was around 25-28pounds over a fitted for nighttime. HTH!
Btw I guess 5 posts should be enough to be able to pm, but you should check again in the rules.
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