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Re: s/o College and employment

Originally Posted by isaacsmum View Post
You may be right, that I am biased. I'll admit that. I guess my feeling is that while there are certainly lots of careers out there that do not require higher education, they can be harder to break into and to find a position where you can advance, get health insurance and benefits, etc. I think a college degree opens up a lot of opportunities. If my kids want to go a different route, I would be okay with that but I'd want them to have thought out how they're going to achieve their career aspirations. As I said in my last post, my mom is one who had no college degree and has worked her way up to a management position in the largest auto dealer in her state. She makes great money. Much better than DH and I right now. But I've also watched as I was growing up how much we struggled financially as she was gaining experience and working her way up. I don't think it's wrong for me to want to help my kids avoid those challenges if it is at all possible.
And the reality is that when your mom retires & they have to backfill her position (or they promote somebody & have to backfill that, etc.), depending on the candidate pool, they can very easily make a Bachelor's a completely arbitrary qualification; it happens all the time. My dad did factory work for a while...he was a shift supervisor, but could never advance beyond that b/c the company required a degree--even though the person who eventually got the promotion was not very good at the job! A posting just went out at DP's work for a job opportunity she'd really like...except she's not qualified b/c they require that candidates have a teeny-tiny, brand new, almost-nobody's-had-the-opportunity certification. She can pay to get the cert, & she will, but she won't get it until after the deadline for this job. In a twisted way, employers frequently see more education as a statement of intelligence, drive, dedication to the field, and a very easy/convenient way to "separate the wheat from the chaff," so to speak.
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